forage. grow. cook. ferment. preserve.

welcome to the food school

Our Why…..

In 2011 we started a Food Store/ Food School in Mt Evelyn, the vision was to teach people to how to provide for themselves.  During this time the Food School took a back seat because we became way too busy running the store.  Post lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, I could not fathom that the dependance on stores to provide food and our inability to be self sustaining… so In 2023 the Food School was born. 

Our mission is teach time honoured skills that have ensured the survival of humanity. Growing your food, foraging for it, ways to cook it, ferment it and preserve it. The way our grandparents, grandparents survived.

We also get a massive kick out of these skills, there is something that feeds your soul when you harvest food from your land, when you preserve it, and cook it. There is healing properties in the plants, we want to teach you to tap into that.


We are so very excited to work on this all with you, the Human Project.  Cant wait to see you at the Food School.


Ange xx


The life changing act of learning new skills

When you learn new skills, you own new doors.  Better food, better wine, more nutritious, self sufficiency skills.

learn with us

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

― Albert Einstein